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Looking to make your next event stand out?  Our Patent Rollapex™ patent vinyl film makes an excellent temporary dance floor cover for any occasion.  From wedding receptions to corporate events, our many color selections are sure to enhance the decor.  Check out our page on Patent Rollapex™ patent vinyl film.

Our parent company, Gane Brothers & Lane provides our material in all shapes and sizes.  Watch this video to learn more about our converting capabilities.

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Apex's wide range of cover materials can give you a vast choice of innovative and eye-catching visuals for so many projects.  View this page for articles and videos about our products and services.

Whether it's looseleaf, packaging, or retail, when you need a padded vinyl product our EN)20 Heat Sealable Vinyl Foam is your answer. Completely RF weldable for easy tear-off.  You get a much smoother and rounded teal than is possible with other types of padding.  Watch this video for more information.

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